This course walks you through the process of rendering a sports car with traditional mediums in 3 steps.

Created by: Arvind Ramkrishna



Rendering Reflections – GET FEEDBACK
Enrollment: any time
Duration: self paced
Modules: 4
Tutorial videos: 11
Effort: 3-5 h/module
Language: English
Total price: $49
Seats: limited

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The OLD SCHOOL STYLE of drawing and rendering is still ALIVE!

With so many tutorials focusing on digital illustration, learn what it feels like to connect and experience drawing the right way!  With real tools. Just remember. Creating art by hand is a relationship between the mediums and your wild imagination!

In this course I will help you develop the skills to render a car by hand on paper by giving you feedback on your work. You watch the videos, practice the techniques and upload your results for review. You will also be able to see all results and feedback of all other course members so we can all learn from each other as well.

There is only a limited number of seats available so hit enroll to claim your seat now. Don’t miss this opportunity to get personal feedback on your work!

See you in Design Sketching Courses!

Member Reviews

“I was looking for good online classes on automotive rendering and found Arvind’s course ‘Rendering Eye Popping Reflections’ on Design Sketching Courses. I was very impressed by how much knowledge Arvind brings to his lessons. He obviously knows the subject matter. He cuts right to the point of understanding how light behaves, and its subtleties when striking vehicles to make your designs really stand out. His genuine passion for the subject matter shows in the way he encourages students to improve with every lesson. I highly recommend this class.” – Erick Beebe

“You have created a fantastic course encouraging me to set aside a bit of time each day, devoted to sketching for me. I really feel like I have a better understanding of how to recreate reflection using markers. Which was certainly my aim jointing the course. I hope there is opportunity to do some more courses with you in the future.” – Will Postle

“I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for a great course. I have picked up a whole lot of new techniques for drawing and I’m sure I’ll be referring to them for some time to come.” – Luke Thompson

“I had a lot of fun working with your material..the videos are very clear and understandable. I was happy with the improvements I could make. I hope I will be able to continue to learn how to describe surfaces better. But also to improve my design skills overall.” – Thomas Zurcher


This course will walk you through the entire process of rendering eye popping reflections on concept car with traditional mediums in 3 STEPS.  You’ll also receive practice assignments along the way for each step that will help you build up to the final rendering.

Drawing by hand is a critical relationship between the mediums and your wild imagination. You’ll learn some of the tricks, techniques, and even SECRETS that have been used to help designers create stunning, stylized photo renderings in real time.




Video Content

The video is captured in brilliant HD 1080p format

1. Course Introduction

2. Understanding Reflections

3. Process Overview In 10X Speed

4. Step 1:  Establishing Your Line Drawing

5. Step 1B: Sketch Method 1 – Using Underlays – Assignment 1

6. Step 1C: Sketch Method 2 – Using Underlays – Assignment 2

7. Step 1D: Sketch Method 3 – Sketching Reflections – Assignment 3

8. Step 2A:  Rendering Form And Skytones Using Pastels – Assignment 4

9. Step 2B:  Detailing And Refinements Using Verithin Pencils – Assignment 5

10. Step 2C: Using Markers And French Curves For Further Refinements – Assignment 6

11. Step 3: Finishing Touches With Gouache Paints – Assignment 7

Templates For Course

1. Rendering Cheat Sheet
2. High Resolution Images Of Final Rendering
3. Step 1B Underlay Template
4. Step 1C Underlay Template
5. Step 1D Reflections Template

Target Audience

Aspiring Designers
Drawing Hobbyists
Design Professionals

Materials Needed

1. Gouache Paints – Permanent White Or Similar
2. Olive Green,Light Green, And Black Marker
3. 11X17 Or 8.5 X 11 Laser Copy Paper Or Marker Paper
4. Black Verithin Pencil
5. French Curves
6. Number 2 Round Brush
7. Small Box Set Of Pastels

Please be sure to buy the proper materials for this course. Though it is not completely necessary for you to purchase the exact materials, doing so will only help your final result look similar to the sketch being presented.



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