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How do I invite and manage teachers and students?

Invite a staff member (=teacher) by entering his/her email address in the sidebar, and hit ‘Send invitation’. They will receive an email with a link to enter the course.

Quickly invite your course members (=students) by activating and sharing the course link. Anyone clicking a course link is instantly added as a course member as soon as they sign up or log-in to Design Sketching Courses.
You can deactivate the link again when all members have entered the course.

Alternatively invite course members by entering their email addresses in the sidebar.
You can invite multiple course members at once by copy/pasting a list of addresses from a spreadsheet.

By default, project owners can set up a team by inviting members to their project. To prevent course members from inviting others, you can change this setting in the ‘advanced settings’ menu under course options.

You can remove staff or course members by clicking the ‘x’ next to their name. Note that upon leaving the course they take their owned projects with them to their personal Design Sketching Courses account.