3 May 2021

It’s about time!

Writing has been on my list for way too long and, as with all things that are stuck on lists, I know that taking a first step is all that is needed to get started. For this blog I am finally taking that step and, to be more precise, I am taking that step backwards.

I am taking some distance from the never ending flow of work and creating some time to reflect on what I am – and have been doing. I intend to write a series of short articles on the insights I gained from twenty years of teaching design and sketching classes and workshops. Both online and in class.

I specifically want to write about the experiments I have done recently in shifting my courses online and teaching my classes remotely during the covid-pandemic. Not about the band-aid solutions during the initial lockdown, I was there too and it was ugly, but on the experiences that followed. When I had more time to prepare my classes and create new meaningful ways to support my students remotely.

I will probably also write a bit about Design and Sketching and share some insights from the various classes I teach and, as a co-founder and long time user, I will definitely include some thoughts on the use of Sketchdrive, the platform we created to share visual work in online classes.

Although I will mainly use this blog to document my own reflections, I hope that sharing my experiences and insights with you will also trigger dialog and collaboration. To re-think and re-build teaching and learning in design education and create change!

Feel free to connect with me and share your thoughts, experiences and ideas.

Martijn van de Wiel is an independent Dutch creative entrepreneur and design teacher on a mission to help aspiring and professional designers unlock their creative potential. Through online courses, keynote talks and hands-on workshops, Martijn keeps beating the drum for sketching as a vehicle to support thinking and stimulate the imagination.

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