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Security Specifications

Design Sketching Courses uses Heroku web application platform and Amazon cloud services for storage and content distribution, taking benefit of always up to date servers and technologies. The entire web infrastructure is managed by Heroku, who runs the OS and servers. Data is stored ensuring that no outside users have direct access to your personal data, projects and visuals. Our development team only has access to the applications run on the system in encrypted databases. Your data and content is encrypted and stored safely and is only visible to you and other members of the projects and courses you take part in.

The Amazon storage facility can only be accessed by the Design Sketching Courses application, using the encrypted data from our database. File names are obfuscated using a database assigned name. This ensures no images can be traced back to individual users and/or projects. Our servers are continuously monitored by automated performance and detections systems, that can detect any anomalies from standard operations. In the event of an anomaly, we are alerted and information is provided about the event, so that our engineers can take immediate action. All Design Sketching Courses connections are encrypted using HTTPS using 2048 bit keys using a CA signed certificate.

Design Sketching Courses has been developed by experienced software engineers and with OWASP quality standards in mind. Special care is taken to ensure that our platform is save for injection and CSRF attacks. Data is only accessible to authorized users and subsystems.

We also work closely with third party suppliers to ensure that data security is enforced beyond the boundaries of our platform (like our Payment provider Stripe).

We may revise the Terms of our Privacy Policy from time to time and we will always post the most current version on our website. By continuing to use or access or our Services you agree to be bound by the revised Terms after they came into effect.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Design Sketching Courses security, please contact us at

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