Get up to speed with VR-sketching in a series of creative, hands-on workshops. Tailor made for your company team, research group or class of students.

Created by: Martijn van de Wiel

VR-Sketching Workshops
Language: English, Dutch

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Go Virtual!

The use of virtual reality is expanding rapidly in the design industry. The technology has transcended the domain of gaming and now offers creative professionals new ways to sketch and visualise ideas and concepts. Many companies and teams have already embraced VR and are integrating the tools and applications in their creative workflows. However, the issues of the day can be a serious obstacle for getting started with VR, learning the software and testing out new workflows. Our VR-Sketching workshops can be a great way to jumpstart that process!

The workshops are built around the use of Gravity Sketch which is a 3D design platform that enables users to create spatial sketches and scenes using intuitive hand gestures and movements. Through hands-on exercises we will collectively work through a series of workflows to maximise creativity and get convincing results fast. The workshops are customised to fit the needs of your company team, research group or class of students. Events can be organised on-site, hybrid or fully remote based on your organisational setup and demands.

I look forward to helping you get up to speed in VR and boost your team’s creativity!


Workshop ‘Virtual Reality Check’ at Hague University of Applied Science, 2022

Workshop ‘Roar your Creativity’ at ACM Conference on Creativity and Cognition, 2023

Workshop ‘Roar your Creativity’ at ACM Conference on Creativity and Cognition, 2023

Martijn sketching in VR in his studio in The Hague


About the instructor


Martijn van de Wiel is an independent Dutch creative entrepreneur and design teacher with a background in Industrial and Spatial Design. Operating from his studio in The Hague, he teaches courses and runs workshops in the field of Design Sketching.

The institutions he is affiliated with include: Technical University Delft, Technical University Eindhoven, and The Hague University of Applied Science. His sketching workshops, packaged under the Design Sketching label, include design schools, corporate teams and life long learners.

Martijn is on a mission to help aspiring and professional designers unlock their creative potential. He believes all humans are creative by nature, yet our risk-averse tendencies often block the ability to tap into our creativity. He is convinced that training exploratory sketching muscles is an effective way to build confidence and allow creativity to flow.

This belief has been driving him for more than two decades to share his insights with a worldwide audience. Through hands-on classes, keynote talks, and a firm online presence, Martijn keeps beating the drum for sketching as a vehicle to support thinking and stimulate the imagination. 


Martijn in action in his classroom at TU/e.

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